Board Printer

Flexo Printer Board Printer Carton Flexographics Printing Machine

Flexo Board Printer Sheet Fed For Paper, Board For Printing Kraft paper and corrugated boards. Only our machine can print both the paper and corrugated boards. Distinct and precise impression, instant drying, extremely simple to operate, easy accessibility for cleaning. Flexo graphic Printing System is used for transfer of image in Corrugation Printing Machine. The image is transferred through rubber stereos or polymer stereos of 3mm / 5 mm thickness. The stereos are mounted on the printing cylinder by means of Double side adhesive Tape. Ink is transferred to the stereos from rubberized inking and transfer rollers. Even flow of ink is possible by micro adjustment of rollers. Board/Boxes/Sheet/Bag is fed manually and precisely taken-up automatically by the Registration Mechanism For Accurate Printing in two colour machine to print the image exactly where desired in two colors.


  • Main Frame made from graded steel held together by means of heavy cross supports.
  • Rubberized ink rollers.
  • The Machine can print on Glued Boxes as well as flat sheets or Paper.
  • The Machine can print on Single, Double, Triple, Five, Seven or Any Ply Board.
  • Ink trays made from heavy gauge M S sheets.
  • Heavy duty imported endless Rubber Blanket with Tensioning Arrangement.
  • All rollers made from seamless pipes duly machined and ground and run on ball bearings.
  • The Machine can work on Any Ink; Water Base As well as Thinner Base Inks.
  • Variable Speed from 0-2000 Impressions per Hour.

In the interest of product upgradation/improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications and features without notice.

The sizes are standard; any special size required can be supplied on Request.

Size 50”×75” 50”×85” 50”×95”
Motor (H.P.) 3 3 3
Wt. Approx. (M.T.) 2 2.3 2.6
Floor Space 7'×12' 7'×13' 7'×14'