Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machines

Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machines

Friends Engineering Company offers a very Specialized Model of SemiAutomatic Paper Cutting Machine, please go through the under mentioned Strong Points for more information.

 Salient Features

Friction clutch system for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance. Rapid type hand clamp and Foot Clamp for smooth and easy operation Easy replacement of knife. Fine adjustment of knife height by eccentric levers. Adjustable back gauge for accurate parallelism with knife edge. Device provided with locking arrangement to avoid shift in the position of back gauge during operation. Safety and saving of space. Centralised lubrication of moving parts.

 In the interest of product upgradation/improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications and features without notice.

The sizes are standard, any special size required can be supplied on Request.

Machine Size 33” (84 cm) 36” (91 cm) 43” (109 cm)
Length of Cut 33” (84 cm) 36” (91 cm) 43” (109 cm)
Width of cut 33” (84 cm) 36” (91 cm) 43” (109 cm)
Pile Cut 4" 4.5" 5"
Cuts per Minute 30 28 25
Power Required 2 H.P. 3 H.P. 3 H.P.
Space Reqd. 5.5’×5.5’×6’ 6.5’×6.5’×6’ 7’×7’×6’
Gross Weight 1600 Kgs. 1800 Kgs. 2000 Kgs.